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The Flame Divine was delivered at the Annual Convention of the Theosophical Society in England at the College of Ripon and York, St. John, Ripon, Yorkshire on August 4th 1984.       The Flame Divine

The following talks were published by Journals of the Theosophical Society in Britain, USA, Australia and New Zealand

The Relevance Of The Vedas To Modern Man

Moment Of Truth 1
Moment Of Truth 2

The Vision Of The Vedas

Yoga In The Vedas

Holy Vessel Holy Grail 1
Holy Vessel Holy Grail 2

The Way Of The Mystic In The Christian Tradition

Agni As Kundalini

Meditation On The Atman

Some Esoteric Teachings Of The Inner Egyptian Temples

The Path Of Recollectedness Part 1
The Path Of Recollectedness Part 2

Theosophy For The Future

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