Talks (Audio)


The condition of these recordings is not optimum, but it is hoped sufficient.
ctrl-click (Mac) or right-click (PC) on the coloured text to download for each talk, or just click to listen online.

The Ageless Wisdom Teaching in its Modern Presentation was delivered at the Arcane School Conference in England in 1991

The Ageless Wisdom Teaching in its Modern Presentation Q&A

“Meditation: Its Purpose and Methods” – Theosophical Society, London on 13 April 1986
Meditation 1

Meditation 2

“Surrender” – date and venue unknown
Surrender 1

Surrender 2

“”Some Esoteric Teachings Of The Inner Egyptian Temples” – Jan 28 1986 venue unknown
Egypt Talk 1

Egypt Talk 2

“Manifestation Of The Seven Rays” – at The Seekers Trust 1989
Seven Rays 1

Seven Rays 2

“Vedic Myths and Visions – Sources of The Secret Doctrine” venue unknown
three lectures from a longer series:
May 6 1981: The Myth
The Myth 1

The Myth 2

May 8 1981: The Vision
The Vision 1

The Vision 2

May 13 1981: The Gods
The Gods 1

The Gods 2

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