The Vision of Cosmic Order in the Vedas

younger big smileThe Vision of Cosmic Order in the Vedas

with foreword by Raimundo Pannikar

Within the poetic mythology of the ancient Vedic hymns is concealed a remarkable insight into the working of the universe. Generations of seers gave voice to a vision of cosmic wholeness that reveals the underlying oneness of all life behind the multiplicity of forms that hide it, and the law of transformation whereby all things are kept in equilibrium, all disorders being restored to order.

In this book, Jeanine Miller reconstructs the sages’ vision of Cosmic Order from hints and references scattered throughout the Vedas. The law of Cosmic Order is shown to be working at three levels: the cosmic level, the law as it manifests in the universe and therefore nature; the socio-ethical level, with human truth and integrity being equivalent to universal harmony; and the religious level, where man’s rituals mirror the harmonious unfolding of the universe conceived as a stupendous sacrificial rite. Jeanine Miller combines sound scholarship with penetrating spiritual insight in a work that will appeal both to the spiritual seeker and to the student of Indian history and literature.

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The Vision Of Cosmic Order In The Vedas

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