The Blazing Dragon Of Wisdom


By J.G. Miller

A book which answers one’s deepest questions and stirs one’s aspirations in such a beautiful and clearly explained way is indeed hard to find. What is herein expressed is an experience of inestimable value to those who search for a meaning and purpose to life, and for those scholars who endeavour to deepen their understanding of ancient sacred texts. The aim of The Blazing Dragon of Wisdom is twofold; first, to trace the esoteric wisdom through the Vedas, primarily by examination of certain verses in the Rgveda where it fully belongs, but has been denied through sheer neglect. From the Vedas Jeanine Miller moves on to the Kabbalah where she finds the same esoteric thread, not only in cosmogony and the idea of Deity, but also in Archetypal Man, Vedic Purusa, and Kabbalistic Adam Kadmon, two expressions of one supreme archetype to which the human mind gave birth, to culminate in the Perfect Man as conceived by the Sufi philosopher Ibn Arabi. Secondly, Jeanine’s aim is to vindicate, through detailed examination of Vedic ideas and verses and other ancient lore, H.P. Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine in its several claims which only now turn out to be true and verifiable.

The author’s enquiry in this very ancient lore is an extraordinary mosaic of wisdom that explores deep truths not normally undertaken in a scholarly task. For, as a mystic, she recognizes the hidden activity of psyche in the redaction of sacred texts, so far ignored by scholars, and she is not afraid to lay it bare. Another two main streams of perspective that differ from the usual scholarly research emerge: one reveals how deeply the human mind can probe the abyss of an all absorbing, transcendental and deeply-rooted gnosis, and make sense of it; the other highlights the sheer exuberance felt at the discovery of those age old esoteric truths which have come down to us in poetic hymns and from which nothing need be discarded, if one understands them. The author’s approach is unique: it is both scholarly and mystical, rational and poetic; its result may be given as a crystal clear truth to the uninitiated. The Vedas are revealed as containing an ageless vision and message of supreme importance to our disillusioned humanity. The same holds good for H.P. Blavatsky’s master work.

May this book reach out to those who search for a deeper vision of the world and of themselves; may it give inspiration to those scholars who would undertake a further search to uncover the truths of the spiritual rather than the platitudes of the literal.

R.M. Wildego, author of Mirrors of Reflection

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One thought on “The Blazing Dragon Of Wisdom

  1. Carolyn Scripps

    Many thanks for Jeanine’s life and work and for making her writings accessible to all who seek the wisdom of Truth.

    May Peace be upon her dear soul, and all those who loved her be comforted that she has returned Home.

    with love and eternal gratitude,


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